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Dogs are amazing creatures and they are capable of so much. And, if you are a dog lover you probably already know that.  Have you ever thought about wanting to be a Service Dog Trainer?  Have you always felt you had a special connection with dogs? Have you wondered how you could make your love for dogs an exciting new career that not only fulfills your love for dogs but could make a huge difference in someone’s life?

Here are 10 great things about being a SDWR Service Dog Trainer:

  • You Really Can Make A Huge Difference in Someone’s Life
  • SDWR believes in the foundation of dog training while you constantly get hands-on experience with a world-renowned trainer
  • SDWR provides a full spectrum of topics including obedience, agility, tracking, and so much more
  • You will instill and establish the safety and security that will characterize your service dog for the rest of their lives.
  • You will help someone be more self  sufficient
  • You will help someone feel more secure
  • People that use Service Dogs have been able to be more social. You help with that when you are a Service Dog Trainer
  • You can actually help save someone’s life



We just want you to keep in mind that starting the process of becoming a Service Dog trainer involves much more than working with dogs. A common misconception about the assistance dog field is that it’s about dogs, however; in reality, it’s about helping people. You would be training, guiding and counseling people with a variety of disabilities. You would be expected to be diplomatic and flexible and creative when working with people to ensure that their needs are met. While all good trainers must respect and love their dogs, your main goal will be to empower a person with a disability.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers is committed to changing the lives of those with invisible disabilities such as Autism, Diabetes, PTSD, and Seizure Disorders. “Until there’s a cure… There’s a dog!”

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