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Service Dogs Bring Us Together

SDWR provides service dogs to those with invisible illnesses, but they really do much more. When you adopt one of our service dogs, whether it is a seizure response or Diabetic Alert Dog, you become a member of a national community. You are given a trainer that works closely with your family, you are given an animal that provides relief in stress, and you become plugged into a network of people with similar struggles. So many times we hear our clients speak about how isolated they become in illness. But with the number one service dog provider, you will encounter community like never before. Contact us for a service dog now, and begin the journey with us. You never have to be alone.

Service Dogs Give You a Support System

There is a twofold support system that comes with an SDWR service dog. The first is a service dog that you can lean on for years to come. When you choose the number one service dog provider in the nation, SDWR, you will gain a dog that provides you with unconditional love and highly skilled support. An SDWR dog will be a freedom provider, a best friend, and a nurse all in one. Second, you get a support system of other on the journey. Many times we connect ambassadors with clients to help with fundraising and coping. And even more frequently, in the fundraising process, our clients meet up with others struggling in their community. Being alone in your disease does not have to be your reality. Contact us here at SDWR now, and see the difference our dogs make.

Service Dogs Help In times of Need

Finally, an SDWR dog will be there in the moments it counts most. From shadow who is always watching, to the “only good thing about diabetes”, SDWR matters. Your illness does not have to rule your life. Furthermore, you no longer need to live in fear. Our highly trained dogs, will provide for you in times of need. We promise.

If you need a service dog for autism, ptsd, Diabetes, or seizures, we can help. Call us today or fill out our contact form. We can help.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers is committed to changing the lives of those with invisible disabilities such as Autism, Diabetes, PTSD, and Seizure Disorders. “Until there’s a cure… There’s a dog!”

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