Service Dogs and SDWR

sdwr service dogs

SDWR is proud that we can bring so much hope and enlightenment in someone’s life simply by doing what we love.  We provide people with disabilities a highly trained Service Dogs to help manage their everyday life.  We would like to talk a little on how each one of our Service Dogs can help you.

SDWR Autism Service Dog

An SDWR Autism Service Dog is very special breed.  Our Autism Service Dogs can actually help your child feel calm and safe whenever they feel stressed or afraid.  Our Service Dogs are trained specifically to help your child from wandering off to an unsafe location by wearing a safety harness.   This is a trained ability to keep your child from bolting whenever the family is out. The kindness and support your service dog will provide your child will be profound.  By simply being there, a solid, sound and reassuring companion can help ease sensory overload, which is a common challenge for those with autism.  Furthermore, case studies have proven that an Autistic Service Dog can help a child with autism respond extremely well through social interactions and self expression. We believe that an SDWR autism service dog is the link between a child with autism and the world around them.

SDWR Diabetic Alert Service Dog

AN SDWR Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to recognize symptoms in advance of low or high blood sugar events before they become dangerous, so their owners can take steps to return their blood sugar to normal, such as using glucose sweets or taking insulin. A SDWR Diabetic Alert Dog is specifically trained to react to the chemical change produced by blood sugar highs and lows. Diabetic alert dogs can provide emotional security and a sense of balance for individuals and for those who have loved ones with diabetes. They can help you lead a more confident, and independent lifestyle.

SDWR Seizure Alert Dogs

An SDWR Seizure Alert Dog is trained to help people with epilepsy or seizures live a more independent life style.  An SDWR Service Dog will be a true companion to someone who has seizures.  They are trained to be by your side so that you are never alone. They will help stimulate you and they have been trained to activate your medical life alert system.  They can even summon help and retrieve food or medications. While our Seizure Alert Dogs do not detect a seizure coming on they will provide you with a sense of security knowing that they will help keep you safe.

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