Interesting Facts about Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers

When it comes to our Service Dogs, there are a lot of talents they have that we might consider, well, pretty impressive. The Labrador retriever has been used in more areas of service to humankind than any other breed.  Not only are they excellent service dogs because they are highly intelligent, they are also terrific family dogs.

We thought it would be fun to state some interesting facts about Labrador Retrievers:

1)      Labrador Retrievers were actually bred to be a working dog.  They were “designed” to help the fisherman hunt and pull boats.  They have webbed toes and a straight powerful otter-like tail which makes them excellent swimmers. The tail serves as a rudder for changing direction.

2)      Labrador Retrievers enjoy holding objects in their mouths. They can even carry an egg in their mouth without breaking it.

3)      This excellent family dog is not noisy if trained and not territorial. They are gentle to people and other animals thus making them ideal additional member of the family even if there is small children and other pets.

4)      They have steady temperament and excellent detection and working ability ideal for search and rescue, detection and therapy work.

5)      Escapology is not a problem among Labrador Retrievers. They do not usually jump high fences or dig under the fence to escape.  Once they choose you as their owner they will not leave you.

6)      They have a hearty appetite and just like people, they will gain weight if their food intake is not properly monitored.

7)      When it comes to swiftness in training, Labrador retrievers are one of the most responsive breeds around. Labrador retrievers tend to be pliable dogs — easy to train and happy to comply; it’s rare for Labs to be stubborn about following instructions when training’s proper and lifestyle is healthy.

8)      Labrador retrievers are also frequently considered to have sweet, ten
der and affectionate basic temperaments. They usually enjoy making the people in their lives happy, flourishing in their company. They are not loners in any remote sense; they blossom when provided with sufficient positive interaction with human beings.


These fun facts are just some of the reasons why the community at SDWR loves Labrador Retrievers. Their amazingly, extraordinary characteristics and skills are why we feel, without a doubt, make the best Service Dogs!

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