Why We Are Proud to Be SDWR

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We have all been told it is impolite to brag, however; here at SDWR believe there is a huge difference between humble pride and bragging.  We are proud of our humble Service Dogs and we are proud of our achievements but most of all, we are proud of the work we do to help all of you.   When a client comes to us and thanks us for helping them or their children live a more safe existence that alone makes us so proud of the work that we do.  We don’t write about all of our accomplishments to brag.  We write about our accomplishments in hopes to help you.  We want you to understand that we only want to help individuals lead a more productive life with the help of our wonderful SDWR Service Dogs.

Take a look at Delta’s Story:

Diabetes is a silent disability.  If Delta would not have woken up Michael’s mother to check his dangerously low levels he could have been in serious trouble.  Michael’s mother said it herself, “I could have lost my eldest baby if Delta had not been there.”  WAY TO GO, DELTA!

This is why we are so proud of what we do here at SDWR.  Every time we receive a letter telling us that our Service Dog’s helped save another life we are reminded why we do what we do.  We are only here to help and save lives.

Take a look at Tzaylie’s story:

Tzaylie’s brings her owner comfort and stability.  That is a beautiful existence for someone who has diabetes.  Diabetes is overwhelming, demanding, and frustrating, however; Tzaylie brings her owner a sense of calm even in the chaotic world of diabetes.

We love to receive letters from our clients.  When we receive those letters we know that we did exactly what we set out to accomplish and there is a sense of pride in that

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