How Can An Autism Service Dog Help?

Therapy Dog

Autism, like the other disabilities SDWR specializes in training our service dogs for, is an invisible disability. Majority of people are unaware of the fact that an Autism service dog can provide a significant amount of assistance to those affected by these invisible disabilities. Those with autism can experience an improved connection to the world by connecting with a service dog. Family members of someone affected by autism know that it is often difficult to have their child engage in social activities. The bond created between a service dog and it’s handler has been known to increase the handler’s ability to express themselves. Having a SDWR autism Service Dog can keep your loved one safe as well. Our autism service dogs provide physical safety in addition to the emotional support they provide. It is a typical occurrence for someone with autism to get lost, or have sudden outbursts in public. Having your specially trained autism service dog provides a layer of comfort, security, and another set of helping hands. We’ve also found that having an  autism service dog accompany the handler, there is an increase in opportunities for the person to develop social and language skills with others.

Our program is specifically tailored for each of our client’s unique needs.  We listen to what you tell us and we create a program that targets your primary concerns.  In order to adequately provide you with information about our program, we would need to speak with you so that we can appropriately address your concerns. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to everyone in the family.

Interested in an Autism Service Dog?

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