Should a Child Get a Service Dog?


Should a child get a service dog?


Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers offers its services to those affected by Autism, Seizures, PTSD, and Diabetes, no matter if the patient is young or old. We believe that both adults and children benefit from having a service dog by their side. We get many questions a day about details pertaining to our service dogs. One of the most frequent questions we receive is usually along the lines of; can children get service dogs? Should a child get a service dog? Is it worth it to get my child a service dog? The answer is Yes! Absolutely. Children, as well as adults, can and should enjoy an improved lifestyle because of a service dog. SDWR does have specific guidelines to follow when assessing whether a service dog is right for a specific client, but rest assured that children are not a red flag during this process.

Rebecca and Charlie

Rebecca’s mother, Samantha wrote to our organization letting us know how well Rebecca is progressing due to her Autism Service Dog Charlie, from SDWR.

Dear SDWR, Charlie has been Rebecca’s Autism Service Dog for just over two months and in this time we have seen:
– An improvement in her sleep pattern, particularly sleeping later and less night time awakening.
– Her walk him to and from the bus stop with a new sense of purpose and rhythm. She is less distracted and less likely to stop and require redirection to her task.
– At restaurants we have seen an improvement in her ability to stay still and a remarkable improvement with decreased episodes of unusual vocalizations.
– Her outbursts and tantrums are much reduced and she is adapting to change much more readily.
– When she has had outbursts, Charlie comes near Rebecca ready to help when invited. The sensory stimuli she gets from stroking him helps to calm and focus her.
– We saw a dramatic improvement in her language in the first three weeks after his arrival, particularly improvement in her novel speech.
– Charlie has brought to me, the parent of Rebecca, a most unexpected comfort and support I never could have anticipated in this process and for it, I am most grateful.

With Charlie by her side, Rebecca can continue to grow and flourish. For more information and stories about how a service dog from SDWR can help you or your loved one, please visit us  Contact Us.

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