Our Diabetic Alert Dogs Represent A New “Breed”

Constant Companions

Diabetic alert dogs, also knows as DADs, are representing a new “breed” of service dogs to assist those in need. When people think of Service Dogs, they typically think of a dog accompanying a person with a physical disability such as blindness. At SDWR we focus on training for those with “invisible disabilities” like Type 1 Diabetes.  “A constant companion” and a “sense of relief” are phrases some of our clients have used to describe their Diabetic Alert dog.  Our service dogs are trained to work around the clock throughout the night to give parents a reason to worry less about leaving their children’s side and to rely on their dog to wake them in the night if necessary. They give the client a sense relief when laying their head on the pillow at night. A Diabetic Alert Dog allows the patient to have independence and less stress during an outing that would typically involve constant monitoring.

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Diabetic Alert Dogs in Action

Caitlin tells us how her SDWR Service Dog Ellie has progressed and is now attending school with her. “Ellie went to school today for the entire day and did amazing. Ellie barked during my algebra 2 math class because I was dropping to fast for her and she let me know. Other than that she was really good at not whining to alert and to paw me if something was wrong.” Caitlin can now feel safe at school without the worry of dropping low or reaching a high during a time where she wouldn’t normally monitor herself. Her DAD Ellie is there to allow her to focus on her school work, not her blood sugar. In Caitlin and other children’s cases, there is no need to worry about a Diabetic Alert dog not being suitable for the classroom. As Caitlin’s Diabetic Alert Dog has demonstrated here, The DAD can alert the patient using just a paw.

If you or someone you know could benefit from having one of these Diabetic Alert Dog please Click Here for more information.

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