Seizure Response Dogs: Why They Work

Seizure Response Dogs

For those suffering with epilepsy, SDWR understands how scary it is when you are out of control and a Seizure Response Dog can save your life. Dealing with this disease is a specialty of SDWR. From birth to placement, we shape our service dogs to be the best seizure response dogs in the nation.

Seizure Response Dogs: Trained to Save

A recent client of our once had a seizure in the middle of the movie theater. Without the help of their service dog, no one would have been alerted of the person having an ailment at that moment. When seizures strike an SDWR seizure response dog can help, you’ll be able to feel comforted and cared for even in the most dramatic situations. Be it a need for your medication, food, or an ambulance, a Seizure Response Dog by Warren Retrievers can be counted on in time of crisis. So many times our clients are happy because they feel their dogs are always watching them. In a previous post, a dog was always there in time of need. Their seizure response dog doubled as a service dog and companion animals to provide comfort. It’s so inspiring to us to know how caring and loving an animal can be in a time of need.

Can They Sense My Seizure?

When it comes to seizure response dogs, it is important to highlight that the dog is never there to simply predict a seizure. While some dogs are attuned, not every dog is able to and furthermore, even those that can are not always consistent. The purpose of our number one trained service dog for Seizure Response is to help in the event of a crisis. Our dogs are truly trained to save.

If you or someone you know would benefit greatly from a seizure response dog, don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP. We are proud to offer amazing community oriented programs for your Seizure Response Dog Needs.

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