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Diabetic Alert Dog

From start to finish, the SDWR process is efficient and caring. We put those with disabilities and special needs first in order to supply them with the dog they need. SDWR is truly a caring and loving non-profit centered on finding need and filling it with their services. From giving lonely young children a companion to helping adults better manage the ups and downs of illness, SDWR strives to be a servant not just an organization. For readers struggling with needs that SDWR fills, contact us today and hear about amazing ways we can help.

Success Stories for the Best Service Dog

Oftentimes this blog highlights a story sent in by client. We want to make sure that even as stories age, the message remains clear and true: we care about results.

Here are a few stories we don’t want to forget:

Elvis is a diabetic alert dog from SDWR and he has become so in sync with his owner that he can recognize danger blood sugar changes as they happen. Once in a car, Elvis, despite being buckled in, motioned with his trained moves that blood sugar needed to be checked. Even when environment changes and there are things in the way, our service dogs still perform their duties. That is what makes us the best.

Another happy client sent us a message about Christmas and told us that her service dog was the best gift she had ever received. In fact, her diabetic alert dog was really a gift of peace. Sounds pretty incredible right? That’s because it is.


It make seem like we talk a lot of talk but the reality is there is only one SDWR, and that is us. SDWR has the ability to train service dogs that minimize the stress and maximize one’s ability to live in independence. If you or someone you know needs the independence that a service dog can give them, please call us today.

Until there is a cure, there is a dog.

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