Diabetes Alert Dog Fundraising

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A diabetic alert dog comes with so much more than a dog and a leash. A service dog for a diabetic patient comes with community. That’s why; the fundraising isn’t about getting you a dog at all but really about becoming part of a tight knit, caring community. It is a community that can transform the face of your disease into something much more manageable. In this post, I will break down the way that you can fundraise with our company for your diabetes service dog.

The First Step in Diabetes Alert Dog Fundraising

The first step is getting together the money for an initial deposit.  Whatever that looks like to you, SDWR, the best service dog provider in the nation, simply wants a commitment. It’s important to show that you can care for a dog, as well as, want to care for a dog. Taking the time to dive in is a gesture that you’re committed and ready.

Beginning Fundraising for Your Service Dog

It is so important to start fundraising for your dog right away within your local community. Be it a jog a thon for your neighborhood or a dinner for fundraising and pledging, we are always confident that there will be plenty of support.

Thousands of people have successfully fundraised and received the best service dogs available. With SDWR you can use fundraising to join in on the community and fun. Your disease can be changed today with the help of one of our Service Dogs.

Until there’s a cure there is a dog.

If you or someone you know is in need of a service dog to help manage their diabetes, contact us today.

Call or visit this page now.

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