Diabetic Alert Dogs: What they Can Do For you

Diabetic Alert Medical Assistance Service Dog

SDWR: Your #1 Diabetic Alert Dog Choice

Managing your diabetes is a primary concern of SDWR, and we are confident that we can eliminate so much of your stress. The use of training dogs to help you manage your health is an invaluable asset that our non profit can provide. Several months ago, one of the members of our diabetic community reached out and told us about the care her dog has provided. She mentioned that every diabetic has developed a sense of dread attached with doctor visits. However, with the help of her Diabetic Alert Dog from SDWR her A1C is lower than ever and she feels the best she has since her diagnosis.

Our Diabetic Service Dogs Are On Your Side

With so many anxiety provoking parts of diabetes, we understand that sometimes your in over your head. There will always be those days that you struggle, but with SDWR, we can decrease the frequency of those days. Our service dogs are your asset, your allies, and sometimes your solution. Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers cannot eliminate your disease, but we can help you manage it in a way like never before.

Diabetic Alert Dog Success

Much of our blog is dedicated to showing you how time and time again we find success. Service dogs for diabetes can restore your independence, or your child’s independence.

Here are a few blurbs from past success stories

  • “[My Service Dog] came into my life to keep me safe and sound. She keeps check on me…and keeps me on my toes.”- “Twas the Night I got Scout”
  • “We did necessary steps to help ourselves help Siren [Our Diabetes Alert Dog]. She is alerting more than she ever has now. Siren amazed me today…Congratulations on such an incredible service you are providing.”-“Letter from Jones Family” 


If you know a diabetic that needs an extra helping hand, contact us here.

Until there is a cure, there is a dog.—SDWR


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