Introduction to Service Dogs

A service dog is a life saving blessing and yet, as the number one provider of service dogs in the nation, we find that families or individuals with a need for service dogs (Diabetic Alert Dog, Autism Service Dog, Seizure Response Dog) never know what to expect. When deciding whether a service dog is appropriate for your family, let our results be the guide. Rather than exhausting yourself with a ton of information, utilize our expertise and proven story after story here at SDWR to aid your decision making process.

Service dog diabetes
The SDWR Blog will take you inside our organization to let you know our process. It is the  process that allowed a diabetic alert dog, Bentley, to save the life of his owner whose blood sugar hit a dangerous high in her sleep.  And the same process that helps children and adults, alike, all over the nation gain new freedom, like spending a night away from home without risking things like blood sugar spikes.  In our informative blog, we will cover service dog training and trainers, our program and general questions for you to think about before making the commitment to bring one of the best service dogs into your home.

SDWR is the biggest non-profit provider of service dogs that focuses on saving lives. We are committed to providing more families with more stories about how a service dog is an invaluable tool in the pocket of anyone suffering from an invisible disability. From handpicking puppies, to putting them in your home, our process is family centered and results driven. A service dog can transform your life just as it has done for many families before you.

If you are interested in a service dog from SDWR, we can make it happen. If you or someone you know is in need of a service dog, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we can put this amazing tool in your diabetic, autism, or seizure response tool box.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers Delivers Diabetic Alert Service Dog to Child in Apalachin, NY

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The Best Service Dog Provider

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Service Dogs for Independence

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Weighing Your Options for a Service Dog

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