Earlier today Em & her Meme checked and she was 127.

They drove about 10 min home and Skittles met them at the door nudging Meme’s leg repeatedly, over & over.

He continued to follow them around nudging her leg until it dawned on my mother to ask Skittles if Em needed to check, when, then he pawed her.

So, bg of 55! Great low Bubba!!

Skittles is a Diabetic Alert Dog from Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers.

If you or someone you know could benefit from having a Diabetic Alert Dog please Click Here.

To learn more about Service Dogs for invisible disabilities Click Here.

To learn how you can help place service dogs with families in need Click Here.

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers is committed to changing the lives of those with invisible disabilities such as Autism, Diabetes, PTSD, and Seizure Disorders. “Until there’s a cure… There’s a dog!”

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