A Powerful Email

post001Wow… some powerful words from a wonderful family and their Service Dog by Warren Retrievers… How do you respond to such a powerful email… thanks Jesica

We have an issue. After having Elvis and loving him the way we do, it will never be possible to love and appreciate another dog like we do him. We adore him. Kinz was holding him a while ago and said “I don’t want Elvis to get old!” And with huge tears in her eyes she continues “I don’t ever want him to die.”

There will never be another Elvis. there will never be another ‘Elvis and Kinzie’ and watching this team work together is inspiring. I am afraid no dog can ever compare to him in our eyes, there would be no way to replace him. 

The issue we have is, after he has done his job here on earth, I am afraid that no other creature could ever do the job he has done for his girl (although I am sure we are being dramatic and biased). He has saved her on so many levels.

We simply cannot imagine jumping the hurdles we currently are without him. Cannot imagine Kinzie not having her shadow (especially on bad days) and him always managing to put a smile on her face no matter how sad she gets. He has been far more than “Service Dog” to us…can you just imagine what is to come as he grows and as she grows? Possibilities are endless with this duo. 

Match made in heaven.

Thanks for the hard work you do and the staff/team behind you. We truly feel like we are on an amazing journey with awesome support.



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