Glucose Tabs

575698_469587559783579_750583696_nHad to share – wonderful story from a family !

Thanks for sharing ! 
Jasper’s been alerting for just under an hour, insisting she’s low. We checked Maggie Lou’s blood 2x to be sure & she was in range.

He’s continued to alert & just went to the counter where we keep her meter but bypassed the meter & brought her a container of glucose tabs!

The dog just brought the child glucose tabs!!!!!!! We checked & she’s 104 with 2.94u IOB!

She’s dropped 54 points in the last 50 minutes & still has an impending 150 point drop!!

He brought her glucose tabs to her! We’ve never trained Jasper to do that! Oh my gosh I’m in shock!

He’s got to be the smartest most in touch dog EVER!

So Maggie Lou ate some glucose tabs by request of her Diabetic Alert Dog!

We have Diabetes tools…her meter, her pump but by far Jasper is the #1 tool in the box!!!!

It’s time to hit our knees & thank God for this amazing dog, hug this dog tight & a huge shout out to Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers!

Thank you Dan, this journey with Jasper has been everything you ever said & so much more this dog owns my heart .

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers

Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers is committed to changing the lives of those with invisible disabilities such as Autism, Diabetes, PTSD, and Seizure Disorders. “Until there’s a cure… There’s a dog!”

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