Doctor Visit


Doctor visits and tests are never what anyone looks forward to. The results you get can lead to a happiness or a feeling of dread. Today we bring you a story from a woman, who has experienced one of the long lasting effects of having a Diabetic Alert Dog.


Baruch HaShem!! Praise the Name of our Lord!!

Today I went to the endocrinologist for a 2 month follow up appt.

They did an A1C blood test, which gives an index value that correlates to one’s average blood sugar level over the previous 3 .months – because of Tzaylie’s prompts to check & correct out of range sugar’s.

My A1C has gone from 8.7 when I got her to 8.0!!!

Now, most of you know, it’s got to get quite a bit better than that, but this is the lowest it has been in my life!!

It will only get better the more skills she gains- she won’t be fully trained for another year or more! Way to go baby girl!!

Thank you for keeping mama safe! And most of all, all praise to Abba for sending me to Warren Retriever’s for this wonderful addition not only to my family but also to my treatment team!! Baruch HaShem!!


A1c’s or a Report Card for how a Diabetic’s Blood Sugar is doing, go up and down depending on how the Diabetic is managing their Blood Glucose.

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