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Always There

Living with an invisible disability is hard on not only the person who has it, but those that care for them as well.

Today we would like to start our day off with a story from a mother whose hardest part of letting go as her daughter grew up wasn’t the fear that her daughter might not come home every weekend to visit but that she might not be there for her in the event of a medical emergency.


207725_4317904914778_83963350_nI remember back in March of last year talking… and crying to Dan on the phone.

You see the day before talking to Dan, Abby was at a friends house spending the night. I called her that morning as always and her friend answered screaming that Abby was having a seizure.

Well 911 was called and she was taken care of but I couldn’t stop thinking about the what if’s? She was going away to school that fall and that scared me, her father and even Abby.

She was even thinking that she didn’t want to go away anymore. Well I couldn’t let Abby not live her life!

I wasn’t going to let this disease take anything else from her. That’s when I called Dan, so glad did!

Abby is back at school with her new guardian angel, Draco. I called her this morning (yes I still do that) and she tells me that Draco woke her up with a bg of 70 and dropping fast.

Ringing her bell, and alerting.

He possibly could have saved my baby girls life this morning!

Well sorry this ran long but I just had so much on my heart this morning and I needed to share how amazing Draco is doing! Thanks Dan for all you and your wonderful staff do for us.

What is the one place you can’t be with someone you care for? Would you feel safer knowing they are being watched over?

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One Comment

  • Tina Poythress

    This is so touching… the exact reason why we are now in the process of getting a D.A.D. for our daughter, who is currently away at college. I worry everyday that she will not wake up. I hope when she receives her D.A.D. I will eventually learn to give her the breathing room she deserves as an adult. As I read stories of how these amazing creatures save people every day, I know we are making the right decision investing the time and money to help our daughter live a longer, more normal life. Thank you S.D.W.R. for making this all possible. Cannot wait for our D.A.D. to arrive.

    January 13, 2013 - at 10:30 am