Reading stories about a dog who saves a person’s life is exciting, what about the stories that aren’t as dramatic. The ones that show the stability our dogs have brought into the lives of others. Service Dogs from our programs help bring back a stability that people with invisible disabilities don’t often experience.

Today we bring you a story that shows Tzaylie a Diabetic Alert Dog who works hard to keep her owner’s blood sugar’s stable each and every day.

Night time lows scare me the most because I am a hard-sleeper & it’s hard for me to wake up to alarms during the night to check. Tzaylie has only been with me for three months, but several times she has really come through for me. Last week, she got me up 3 times in one night for more insulin and then warned me that next morning that my sugar was falling, even though it was in range when we checked- it wouldn’t have stayed in range for. Long! Later that same day she alerted to a 94 with 1.25 units of active insulin in my system! Again, I wouldn’t have stayed. At a good level!

On New Year’s Evw, I met my husband in town for dinner & a movie when I got off work at 3 PM. Tzaylie went to the bathroom before we went into the restaurant, so she didn’t need to before we went into the theatre. She was restless about 45 minutes into the movie, so I took her out to pee, but it took her a while. I checked my sugar when we again took our seats, and I was in range but still had a little active insulin in my system, so I turned off the basal rate on my pump for 30 minutes. A little while later, she was frantic and stretched up to lick my face. I knew my sugar should still have been good, so outside we went again. Nothing, except Tzaylie straining to go back inside. I stopped at the candy counter & picked up some Butterfinger Bites. She was calmer. As soon as we sat down again & I opened that box, she went to sleep! I rechecked when the movie was over & my sugar was perfect

I just love this dog & all the support I get from everyone at Warren Retrievers!!

If you or someone you know could benefit from having a Diabetic Alert Dog please Click Here.

To learn more about Service Dogs for invisible disabilities Click Here.

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