Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah

We hear miraculous stories each and everyday, from families who have welcomed one of our Service Dogs into their homes.

Like this one from Delta’s family:

At 2:50 am
Both boys were sent to bed after hanging out with dad way past their bedtimes. Now a mere hour before both boys were high so neither bothered checking sugars, and Delta our Diabetic Alert Dog was asleep in the livingroom.
As soon as the boys passed through the living room to go to bed, Delta woke up and came running into my room. His paws hit my legs and he gives a good bark to make sure I know he means business. I’m sure both boys are high, but get up to go check them since Delta said to. Now as I go to Micheal’s room, Delta runs to the kitchen which is odd.
Soon though he joins me in Micheal’s room very upset and anxious. Micheal was joking and laughing, which is why his reading had me doing a double take. 38

The kid was fine! Absolutely acting just like normal! The only one who knew anything was wrong with him was Delta.
He had 40 carbs and is now 119, and all I can do is praise the L-rd for sending Delta in to warn me something was wrong.

HOW is your family Celebrating the Holidays?

Delta is a Diabetic Alert Dog from Warren Retrievers. Our Service Dogs are trained to help individuals with invisible disabilities. To learn more about us and the programs we offer check out our Service Dogs tab.

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